Attacknid Stryder Hack

There may be a contest in January involving the Attacknids, but in the meantime, I was pretty eager to tear one apart and see what the possibilities were. My goal is to try to keep all the electronics internal, keep most of the original functions, and improve on them, all controlled by the Imp. So far I have movement handled very nicely, and I wanted to share what I was using. I have this motor driver installed from Pololu right now: It works very nicely, doesn’t seem to get hot, and is tiny and cheap. It does require 4 pins minimum to drive the motors, and a 5th if you decide to drive the mode pin with the Imp. That won’t leave many pins if you are using an April, so I am using an Amber with an Imp module. The space above the battery box is where the original circuit board was, and that is one of the few places where there is room to put components. The motor drive is on its side below the Imp’s antennae.