Attach iBeacon which can be updated via squirrel

Has anyone had any joy/tried attaching an iBeacon to a board and then being able to set things like the UUID, Minor and Major remotely on the fly via squirrel?

I’m not a hardware guy, but I wondered if this is theoretically possible?

No reason why not. A couple of years ago, I built an iBeacon out of a Raspberry Pi (details here). It used fixed beacon data, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t use data piped over from an imp via UART.

Then there’s Electric Imp’s driver for the BLE112 Bluetooth module, here, which would make for tighter integr

We did exactly this with the BLE112 design (not so much on the fly, but from Squirrel):

We also did it will a Broadcom BLE chip, but can’t share the source code as it requires access to their SDK which is under NDA :frowning:

Great to know thanks guys :slight_smile: