Arc Reactor - wearable Impee Aria

I just received my Aria boards and immediately stuck one on a Neopixel ring with a Sparkfun PowerCell charger and 150mAh LiPo. You can change the color and pattern with Twitter/Web/iOS app, ect. Output on the LiPo is not enough power the Neopixel ring at its highest intensity, so a larger size will be needed, but this intensity is just fine.

I have 20 Aria boards, so if anyone is interested, I would be willing to sell some built and tested boards. PM me if interested and we can work something out.

You and I should work together on an Imp project that grows hair. Maybe we can call it “The Follical Imp”.

Hah! I’d actually prefer an Imp that could just shave it all off! :slight_smile:

The Follimpcal?

could you send me or post a hi-res picture of your Aria board?


Do you want to see the board populated or unpopulated? The schematic is posted in one of the other threads… I think the one about Impee Amber - toward the end.

Here is a populated image:


do you have one left?

I ordered 20 boards, and have only built one so far. I’ll have to look through my inventory to see if I have all the stuff to build one out. I’m actually getting ready to start an open hardware business, focusing on the Electric Imp, and I plan to sell Aria if I can get someone to populated a two sided board reasonably.

Sana board as well??

If there is reasonable demand for any of the reference designs, I’ll be happy to stock and sell them. Getting boards fabbed is fairly cheap and easy, but getting them populated is where the cost goes way up, I would want to do a minimum run of 100 and be pretty confident that they were demand.

Right now I am focusing on my own designs, trying to get a really nice stackable module breakout available, that will pair with a LiPo charging shield, and hopefully a solar charging LiPo/Supercap shield.

send me a PM if you can provide me a complete board.

The size is exactly what i’am looking for my actual project.

Nice work @jwehr

Aria is now available at MakeDeck.