April board battery connector

So what is everyone else soldering on their April board for a battery connector?

I have been trying to find a part and the only one I have found is the Sparkfun part for $95.

Well I need about 20 - 30 of these and you can get them for $5 for 100 on ebay but I can’t find a right angle with bent pins to surface mount.

I guess this will work, but the cable will be going up instead of out the side.

Anyone have any suggestions on connecting a battery to the April?

What kind of batteries are you connecting?
And I assume you actually need batteries (because of imp location within your wifi area), and not a USB charger for power?

You could just bend the pins to make them straight.

And finally, I assume you will be using a lot of imp sleep and deepsleep to conserve battery. With external electronics and wifi, battery life isn’t always so good.

Bent with pliers:

I can’t quite tell if this is the same as the SparkFun connector, but it is right angle and surface mount, and about half the cost of the SF part at the quantities you’re looking to pick up.

Rt. angle 2-pin JST connector

msleim, yes, I am in deepsleep for an hour, wake up and send data, then back to deepsleep for the next hour. Hoping to get decent battery life with that kind of slumber.
So you don’t think bending them will break them a? I will give it a try. My first go around will be with 9v alkaline and see how long they last.

Larry, thanks for that link. I didn’t think to look at digikey. I was all over the 4uCon website which is where SF get’s them. I see the name in the reference drawing. Can’t find them there thought!