API service down?

I’ve got a simple test service which has been working great. The service has a HTTP In which is hooked up to both some code I wrote and a “Show Input” block. For the last few hours when I post something to api.electricimp.com/… I’m getting an OK back from teh service, however the value isn’t reaching my IMP and teh ShowInput block isn’t showing the new input.

Is there a service status page I should be checking ?

Hi @simonrowe - we rolled out an update to our backend servers earlier this morning, and it looks like that’s what’s causing the behaviour you are seeing.

We’re working on fixing the issue, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s been resolved.

@beardedinventor thanks for the info!

I’m having a similar issue where my inputPort call just doesn’t respond anymore, was working just fine a few hours ago. I’m getting OK from the service just as @simonrowe but my value is not getting printed out in the show input node or in my logs.

A service status page would be great or specific form thread since debugging this kind of error is quite difficult.

@simonrowe, @coffeepunk (and anyone else having issues): The problem should now be resolved, if you continue to have issues please let me know (either here, or by emailing matt@electricimp.com)