Apa102 led

Just be told by GREELED, there is new APA102 LED now. It is APA102 chip built in SMD5050 RGB led, just like the ws2811 chip built in led,comparing with the 3wire(DAT,GND and +5V) ws2811 led, the apa102 led is with 4wire(GND,DAT,CLK and +5V),which looks very interesting,and want to try some them,is there anyone who has already tried them?or have any code for them?

Should work just fine. Driver datasheet is here: https://app.box.com/s/8oevda04rtxruji01vje

These are like the pre-WS series LEDs. Plain SPI.

We not only have developed apa102 RGB,also the apa102 digital white color led strips