Anyone with working PID Code? I want to add PID Control to my Heating Controller

Hey Guys,

i’am looking for a good Kick-Off to add a PID Control to my Home Heating Controller.

Maybe someone has a basic PID Control and doesn’t mind to share it with me and
the Impunity.


I do, but I am not sure how much help it will be.

oven project

follow that page to the bottom and select “Device” link at the very bottom.

I have two different PID functions in there but only one used at a time. The temperature function is called PIDtemp

I found the code for PID to be really simple but the tuning and other tricks such as reducing wind-up is where I spent all of the time.

Also, this page might help

PID Constants, convert physical units to program constants

Did you wrote a autotune-lib or did you tuned your setup by hand?

I tuned my setup by hand. i used the log of the IDE to plot out all the terms as the the routine ran and then copied the log into excel. By plotting out the results I could see which terms, P, I and D were responsible for the behavior.

I like the word, impunity : )