Anyone has a sample of a datastream in Cosm?


I saw in the node the Cosm vimp.

Was wondering if i could use that to stream in an application?  

I want my data to go to a Java App running outside of the Planner.


Pat the Cosm vimp just PUTS imp data to Cosm cloud service. Which provides a time stamped history of readings and events etc. Cosm has an API which might help in providing you with what you needs.

Thank you!  Seam like a good place to exploit the Internet of Things.

Cosm been around a long time I met them about 4 years ago when it Pachube. They have a bit of the jigsaw but never seemed interested in building a full soup to nuts platform like Electric Imp. If your interested in the in theoretical end of the IoT check out     

I’ve wired up a cheap GPS module to the uart on the April board, and, after some writing some code for the imp to parse the GPS output, I was able to send the longitude and latitude from the GPS to cosm datafeeds ( via the imp. 

My experience suggests there is a bug in the current cosm vimp implementation, where the imp outputs are sometimes “off by one” (see  This can be worked around by sending the first vimp output to a dummy cosm  feed.  What the cosm vimp thinks is the 2nd imp output is really the 1st imp output, 3rd is really 2nd, etc.