Anybody else having IDE problems?

Hey guys!

I’m having some trouble connecting to my IDE.
Sporadically, it will let me into the application, but after running the program a couple times it becomes very slow and then just freezes. When I refresh the page it says the site took too long responding and gave up.

After a few minutes I have to log back in and the whole thing starts all over.

The same thing happens when I have some HTML code add to the agent URL.

It seems like my agent URL just isn’t responding?

I can load any other website fine, so I know it’s not my internet connection.
I didn’t think it was a server wide thing because the ‘Electric Imp Status’ said everything was fine

My program creates a fair amount of large sized blobs that take up a lot of memory. Could this be contributing to the problem?


Which browser & version are you using? If internet is fine then this sounds like a browser issue.

If your agent URL doesn’t appear to be responding then that’s often due to rate limiting because you’re not sending replies to previous requests. Maybe post your code?

What your code is doing (eg blobs etc) is unrelated to the IDE. You’re talking to entirely different systems.