Anual fee to use imp cloud?

i’m worried about comment nr 1 in this link by John D.

anyone care to comment?

We don’t plan to charge hobbiests for use of our cloud.

We do charge our commercial customers - our business model is based on providing connectivity for devices. For more information about how commercial products work you can contact sales.

how do you detect a commercial usage?

You have signed a service agreement with us, and are using the factory flow / blessing processing.

Once you have signed a service agreement with Electric Imp, you get some additional tools that make managing commercial deployments more manageable / possible. These include the BlinkUp SDK (which allows you embed BlinkUp into your mobile app), blessing, which allows you to “lock” a devices firmware, and the Ops Console, which allows you to easily track devices in the field, and deploy new builds to blessed devices.

The service fees you pay are for blessed devices - i.e. devices that have gone through a specific flow to tag them as “commercial/deployed” devices.

AWS has announced forty-two (42) or more price reductions since 2008 for the various cloud compute services they offer.