Antenna Field shape

I’m wondering if the Antenna field shape is known?.
Is there an alignment -that gives a better distance?

From the maker2013 booth visit it was suggested that it is practically spherical, but has better range when the antenna is horizontal.
So I guess there may not be a known answer since its a custom board antenna and needs to apply to all manufacturing variations.
Anybody know of similar board antennas that have been characterized for their field pattern?
I know Agilent has a facility they designed in Rohnert Park, CA that was acquired by third party that is available for hire.

The 3D pattern test result can actually be seen here on the hardware page:


This is the pattern when in an April devboard. I can try and dig up the X/Y/Z 2D plots…

The orange picture at the top?

Yep, that’s the one… here are the XYZ plots