Announcement: New BlinkUp API

The short version: there’s a new BlinkUp API. Those of you using the BlinkUp API to manually check on token usage should probably switch to the newer version, though read on for more info.

We released a new set of endpoints for device BlinkUp a few months ago; they’re documented here: The iOS and Android SDKs are migrating (or have already migrated) to using the new endpoints.

Legacy endpoints are deprecated but will continue to be supported in perpetuity, or until we haven’t seen a production BlinkUp using the legacy endpoints for 6-to-12 months, whichever comes first.

IMPORTANT NOTE for those of you using these endpoints manually: you’ll want to make sure you’re calling the appropriate version of the API. Tokens created with the v1 or v2 POST API can’t meaningfully be checked using the v5 GET API, and vice-versa.