Announcement - Availability of AMQP 1.0 support

We’re pleased to announce availability of AMQP 1.0 support for development purposes.

The AMQP support is deeply integrated into the Electric Imp platform and provides secure, enterprise-scale, low latency bi-directional message transfer and is the basis for the Electric Imp Azure IoT Hub integration.

For more details, including links to the AMQP API and Azure IoT Hub library, please see the AMQP blog entry.


Note that this is AMQP 1.0, as implemented by Azure IoT Hub (Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, etc.), Apache ActiveMQ, Qpid, etc. It is not AMQP 0-9, as implemented by (default) RabbitMQ.

This is currently only available on developer servers. It’s been through extensive internal testing, thanks to the Cambridge team, and Terrence’s team in the US, so we’re confident that it’s usable and stable, but I’d appreciate it if people could thoroughly test their use cases (in case we missed any scenarios, in particular ones that crash the server) before we enable it on production servers.

If you need to use it in your blessed (production) device code in the next few weeks, please raise a support case, and we’ll move your production devices to a server with it enabled.

Questions and feedback should be posted in the forums, so that we can improve the documentation, etc.

If all goes well, we’ll enable it for all servers in, say, late July / early August.