Announcement - AMQP is currently disabled

Due to stability issues with the AMQP 1.0 implementation, we’ve temporarily disabled agent AMQP support for the developer server group. This will manifest itself in your agent code as an error similar to the following:

ERROR: the index ‘amqp’ does not exist

If you require access to the beta AMQP service at this time, please contact with your device IDs.

We’re working to add more performance and stress tests to our internal test suites. Once we have more confidence in the stability of the AMQP APIs, we’ll update the relevant servers and re-enable the AMQP APIs.

The latest release (v2.0.0) of the AzureIoTHub uses AMPQ. While the AMQP API is disabled please use AzureIoTHub release v1.2.1 which uses HTTP.

Just to add: The AMQP 1.0 implementation is still considered in Beta stage and subject to ongoing testing, which was how this instability was uncovered. As mentioned, we are investigating and will re-enable AMQP for further Beta testing as soon as the issue is addressed.