Android Blinkup failure

I am new to the IMP world and trying to setup my first “hello world” example. After several ( 20 or more ) failed attempts to Blinkup using a Galaxy S4 android 4.2.2 and a Galaxy Epic android Gingerbread, all of which never shown a Green flash, just Red and Orange.

I tried with an iphone 5s, which worked first time and everytime since.
The Android phones still won’t transmit a successful blinkup even after the IMP updated itself.

I did notice that the “flash screen” duration on the Android phones lasts for ~ 19.3 seconds and only ~10 seconds on the iphone. In Legacy mode it takes a few seconds longer on the Android ~ 22 seconds total ( doesn’t work either ).

Is this rather large difference in duration expected between Android and iphone apps or is there some issue with the speed of the android app on my phones?
Trying to get to the root of why my Android phones are not able to blinkup an IMP…

I can use the Android to clear a device, just can’t get one setup using android no matter how I try, dark room, etc…

Does an IMP perform some sort of auto-baud test to determine what rate the blinkup stream is being delivered at ?

The duration is 2x on android to try and deal with the bad framerates that android serves up - even the best android phones can’t deal with updating the screen at 60 frames per second, it seems. The imp auto-adjusts to almost any framerate, and trilevel blinkup (the default on android) deals with dropped frames in pretty much all cases.

We’ve had no issues with the S4 as long as power saving mode is disabled. Swipe down from the top and then find the powersave icon. The next version of the app detects this and prompts you to turn it off

Success! I had to disable every service icon listed in the pull down menu, SYNC, Mobile Data, Screen Rotate… I was never in power saving mode.

The only service enabled was Wifi and I set the screen mode to Movie with ~ 90% fixed brightness level. The S4 has a boat load of options.

Thanks for the help.

Hmm, we do need to re-build our app store version with our latest SDK… that should help.

S4 does indeed have a boat load of options. Would be great if Samsung had provided any API at all for them :frowning:

I too had major problems with the blinking S4 phone!

After blinking I got RED LED fast flashing 4 times thsn back to ORANGE flashing.

I found turning off “Adapt Display” seemed to sort it. Settings / My device / Display / Screen mode.

Me thinks the world needs a USB dongle with an LED in the end of it.


Ick no, a USB dongle is a pain. Then you need the USB drivers and the windows and mac software and…

Well I think the data rate is slow enough to be considered “Audio”. Could a USB device use legacy audio drivers and look like a pair of headphones to the laptop?

then why bother making a USB device, and not a LED you plug into your headphone socket?

Problem could be getting enough power on all devices to light the led directly (however there is usually power on the mic socket …).

Seems to me the advantage of USB is (relatively) standard implementation across platforms / devices / manufacturers and plenty of 5v.

Shame most laptops dont have serial or parallel port these days :frowning:

I had the same problem. I solved it by keeping my Imp really, really still. The first time I kept exactly on one place on the screen on my HTC one V (slowest phone ever! so framerates couldn’t be a problem on other smart phones :)) it worked. I tried it three times. The one time I kept in one place, it worked.

I noticed one difference when blinking my Imp with my smart phone. My Imp only blinked up with only one green Led. When blinking with my Ipad my Imp blinked several times.

I hope this helps.