Android Beta Testers

Hey Imp’ers!

We are currently addressing some of the blinkup issues with the Android app and are looking for some beta testers. If you have a Galaxy S3 and would like to participate in the beta, please email

If you have a different model of Android device, don’t worry - we’ll be looking for beta testers with other devices in the near future :slight_smile:

If you have any questions please feel free to post them here, or send me a message/email.

Matt Haines
Developer Community Manager
Electric Imp

I hava a Galaxy S4 and will be ready to test.

HTC DNA works fine

The “multi level blink-up” worked on the 1st try on a Galaxy S4.
Will try on other android tablet/phone.

We are now opening the beta up to all Android devices - if you’re having issues blinking up your devices with an Android pone, or are interested in helping beta test the new version, please let me know through a forum message or by emailing

@beardedinventor any way to download the app on a device without stop by the Play Store? I wouls like to test it on my Note II dual SIM that’s available only in China and restricted to the local China Telecom with the Play Store blocked. (I know it sucks but at least we all know they spy on us, not a secret :slight_smile:

is it not possible to use a proxy?

@DolfTraanberg, I live my life over a proxy :slight_smile: is not about connectivity, the store is blocked at OS level… you can’t imagine what Chinese can do, when money are involved :smiley:

@smartmaker - the beta version of the app isn’t actually available in the app store. Are you looking for this, or the standard blinkup app? Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll send you a copy.

Galaxy S3… interested in trying it out…

I can test on Galaxy Nexus if that is still needed.

Maybe an old rooted HTC Wildfire S?