Android app needs to filter 5.8ghz N networks, nit?

  • Software Version: 1.01
  • Hardware Version: Hannah
  • Environment: android galaxy nexxus, jellybean
  • Description: 5.8ghz SSIDs are listed in the app, but will never actually allow the imp to connect =)
  • Observed behavior: imp can't join wireless
  • Expected behavior: "if my phone is connected, I can connect!" 
  • Reproducibility of issue: always
  • Steps to reproduce the problem: have only a 5.8ghz N network available

  • This is just an expectations thing (i spent about 5 minutes scratching my noggin before "duh" set in =/), since the imps don't support 5.8ghz wireless, if the network the android(or whatever) device  is connected to is 5.8ghz only, no amount of flashing to green light is going to get the imp online.