Analog inputs useless

It seems that the analog inputs stop working randomly. Ten minutes ago pin 9 worked fine. Now it doesn’t but 2 and 5 (that did not work) are working now. I fell in love with the Imp but without the analog inputs I cannot see much point of it. Any ideas what’s happening? My project involves an external circuitry and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of having to solder the sensor wire to different analog pins because they cease to work. Also, I wish it was documented somewhere.

Draw your schematic somehow, or draw on paper and scan it. Let us see exactly how you are doing the electronic hardware portion of this.

The imp is really sensitive to voltages on the pins. I used pin1 for a digital input and accidentally touched my pin1 test lead to the +6V battery terminal instead of the 3V3 pin. I blew my pin1 (now I can’t use pin1).

We need to see your schematic to see what you might be doing wrong, and save you a ton of frustration.

And I went to RadioShack and bought a breadboard and some hookup wire, along with a 4-cell AA battery holder to power the April board. I then soldered leads to every April board pin and stuck the board onto the breadboard. Now it’s easy to move things around and create new circuits. No soldering.

We’re not aware of any issues with analog inputs stopping working; we use them extensively.

Sure you don’t have a socket issue? Do the pins all work ok as digital inputs, for example?