Alternating Red and Amber on imp005


I am currently trying to bring up a custom imp005 based board. I have checked power supplies etc, but the LED’s are alternating between amber and red, this combination is not listed anywhere that I can find. Does anyone have any ideas.

Many thanks


There is a guide there.

one of the things amber-red can be is “getting IP address”. Look for which color you see first after a pause because there are two different codes.

Many thanks for the reply, I had seen the guide, but none of the conditions are the same as I am getting. When I apply power there are no pauses, then amber comes on instantly and it then goes into slow alternating red/amber, the LED doesn’t turn off at all.

That pattern means a valid OS image could not be found in the external SPI flash.

It would have been nice to have had that in the documentation, but thanks. Are there any special requirements for flashing the SPI? I have the .rom file that was supplied through support and am programming that using a dataman programmer. The dataman is verying the content, so I’m not sure what else I should be doing. What LED’s would I get if the connection to the flash was wrong (i.e. it couldn’t read an image at all)?

Sorry, it’s the same error pattern whether the problem is with the SPI flash communication or it’s contents. What SPI flash part number are you using?

No problem, part is same as on the breakout board - S25FL164K

You could check for activity on the MISO line to see whether the flash is responding at all.

I was going to check over the hardware again just to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. Many thanks

Did your board get reviewed? You should submit schematics and PCB layout to the support portal as we may catch issues before you fab the board.

Thanks, but it is a bit too late for that :frowning:
I got it going in the end. It turned out to be a setting in the Flash programmer for the status in the flash device, I enabled it and it started to work.
Many thanks to you all.

And thanks to for letting us know that the SPI flash-related LED patterns weren’t in the imp005 hardware guide - they are now.