Alternate Green, Red Or Amber with Salesforce trailhead

I am working on Salesforce trailhead and I am unable to keep the device green. Its alternating between Green, Red or Amber. Interesting part is I was able to get 3 events but nothing after that time period. Another thing I noticed was the imp stayed green till I could build and save the device code. I am wondering if there is any issue with the device code which can be found here

Any help would be great.


Are you at DF right now? WiFi at conferences is incredibly congested, which could be your problem. Phones & laptops tend to be on 5GHz (more space and hence works better in busy areas) but the imp001 is 2.4GHz only.

No I am not in DF. I realized that 5GHz will not work, so changed that. I am getting data though, just put in another tail and I got the temp, humidity and door status. However in my logs I can see the status alternating between online and offline.

What power supply are you using? Sounds like it could be a power issue? Also, check the card is properly inserted in the socket (it’s a push-push type, so push in to eject then push again to lock in place).

I’m having this issue as well. I’m not getting any data. The flashing is not consistent, so I can’t compare it to the blinkup troubleshooting

Were you able to find a solution?