All connected, but nothing happening when i run code

This is probably another noob issue.

I’ve assembled the various components to build the adafruit temperature sensor project.

The imp blinked up ok and is flashing green. i can see it in the ide and i’ve been able to create a model. I uploaded, built and ran the code from the project but nothing happened in the log pane. I double checked all connections and that power was running to all components - all ok.

I went back to basics, deleted the code and instead tried the one line test from the getting started topics. Again, no response in the log window.

when i look at the info above the build and run button i can see my imp’s name and ‘device’ online, hwoever it also saya agent not running - is this correct?

i’m sure i’m probably missing something obvious, but would appreciate any advice to get things working.


Do you have code that the agent should run? If not, I don’t think it shows its status as running.

thanks for the reply. i think the issue is more fundamental as i don’t seem to be getting any log entries.

having looked through various tutorials it seems that the log should update every time i power on/off the april/imp - this isn’t happening. the log remains blank.

i do know the imp/april are connected as i can see them in the left hand pane.

in the agent pane i have a “not running” comment

and if i click the agent link (link) a new brower window opens with “not found”

Yes, you should definitely some activity in the log on power cycling, and a new imp001 is very likely to need a firmware update on first use, which you should also see. You may need to send your device ID to EI support so they can look at the logs.

Thanks, will do.

Just so you know, @plingboot, the firmware update should be automatic: you’ll see the imp’s LED flash green fast (update downloading) followed by green on permanently (update installing). When the update is installed, the imp will restart, and run through red, amber and green (flashing slow) as it connects as normal.

Got the mac address of the device so we can check all looks fine? I assume you are popping open the model in the left sidebar and clicking the actual device, right?

The MAC address is 0c2a6904631e

Thanks for the info about firmware updates, not notice this happening…

@Hugo, yes I’m clicking on the actual device, but still no luck getting it working / logging things happening.

I can see there are logs in our system for your device, what browser are you using?

Thanks Hugo.

I’m using safari 7.0.4 on a macpro, safari on a macbookpro and safari (iOS7) on an ipad… no logs visible on any of them…

will try with firefox later…

What a difference a change of browser makes…

Opened up in FireFox and everything seems to be working as expected. Temperature readings are being logged. Is there any particular reason why this doesn’t work in Safari?

Now: just need xively to give me access to a dev account and the project will be complete…

I don’t really know; I am running Yosemite beta and tried Safari 8.0 - works fine. I’ve also used my 8.0.2 iPhone safari and not had an issue.

Will see if we can replicate it on a macos 10.9 machine.

FWIW, I use Safari occasionally under 10.9 and generally have no problem. A rare issue occurs when loading the IDE page: the Model Navigator on the left and the Workspace area are missing. Logging out and logging back in fixes this, and I’m pretty sure it always follows an IDE update - ie. the browser can’t get the content it needs from the server until it signs in, but Safari doesn’t automatically go to the sign in page.