Agents Not Running

I have several imp-agents running on one model. Around 2PM GMT a number of the agents stopped running. The imps would not connect so I dont know what the state was. I tried build and run but they started and stopped again. After about 15 minutes build and run got them running again.

Is there a reason for this behaviour? What happens if agents stop running? Would they start again? Do they have to be built again and run?


Can you give any more detail as to (eg) which device IDs you saw not running?

If the device is not online and you build & run, the agent will not restart.

Hugo - I am not able to repeat the behaviour. I have 230fa9afaf952dee whose agent was not running and it could not communicate; but 234c93afaf952dee whose agent also says its not running was able to update the server.

I have several other imps sharing the same model that are currently offline (they dont wake up until tomorrow morning) whose agents are not running.

As I said, if you do build & run on an agent whose device is not online, the agent will not run.

The agent should start when the device comes online next. Let me know if it doesn’t.