Agent servers under significant load?

Are some production servers under significant load at the moment? I’m monitoring latency in the agent and there was a period from midnight UTC on Thursday for 4 hours where agents were sluggish. I’m seeing signs of it again right now. Is this an effect of the impCentral transition? I can provide lists of the agents that were affected and those that weren’t.

None of the core servers should have been affected by the impCentral release; not only are they different daemons, they don’t share (much) infrastructure. If you can follow-up with a support ticket we’ll dig some more.

There was a period of ~3% reduction in vimp run performance at that time, coincident with a lot of HTTP traffic - as @ahoughton says this was certainly unrelated to impCentral, but also shouldn’t have been noticable (it’s barely noticable on any single server’s stats, though more noticeable on stacked graphs).

If you can file a ticket with more info including agent IDs and what exactly appeared sluggish (I/O? processing?) we can see if we can work out what exactly was affecting you and see if it can be monitored better.