Agent problems?

As of last week I noticed some problems with the Agent communicating with web services. This has been addressed, but it has not been fixed yet.

To be able to point my finger on the problem I have set up a Loggly account to monitor where the problem is:
I have combined 2 separate programs on an Imp 002:

1. I send light sensor data to the agent. Agent performs some calculations and send data to, Twitter and Loggly. With this code everything is working as expected.

2. I have build a system which runs entirely on the agent. The agent accuires data from the web, does some calculations, and after that, it publishes the results also to, Twitter and logs events at Loggly.

For a couple of hours, everything works, but suddenly the agent part stops this process, and I have to restart the agent manually.


Imp ->agent -> web keeps working
agent -> web -> agent -> web stops executing after a couple of hours

Whats is wrong here, because this system has been working for weeks before ?
This problem started the same time as the IDE update last week, but I don’t know if it is related.


It’s unlikely to be related to the IDE update – that’s hosted on a different set of servers, and (off the top of my head), we’ve made no recent updates to the agent servers.

I’ve set up a test imp and agent that should replicate this scenario; if this happens locally, I should be able to investigate.

Also, feel free to PM me with your agent URL. I can see if there’s anything in the logs.

To PM (because the UI’s not obvious):

  1. Click my name.
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