Agent Persistence?

Any hit as to when this might be ready?


It’s half in there. You can load and save but it doesn’t actually persist right now… we have a few things to get done first though I’m afraid, so likely a few weeks.

Sorry to NAG! but any news on when this might appear?


It’s very soon… possibly next week :slight_smile:

@Hugo @Peter am I right in thinking that an Agent can only save one table. Can Squirrel support a table of tables as long as serialisable rules are adhered too? If yes any chance of an example?

Thanks as always

Yes, only one “top-level” table, but yes, that table can contain other tables. The syntax is (or will be, once is rolled out) just what you’d expect:
t <- {}; t["a"] <- { foo = "bar" }; t["b"] <- { ptang = "frink" };;
You’ll get warnings in the logs if you try and save something that isn’t serialisable.


This is now rolled out in agents, give it a go :slight_smile:

Thanks & a perfect start to a Sunday morning just need a Bacon butty… :))

Works like a charm. Tested it with this code:
t <- server.load(); foreach(idx, val in t) server.log(idx+"="+val+"\ "); if ("count" in t) { t["count"] += 1; } else { t["count"] <- 1; };

Using json to define table and using “Clone” to load a saved table into existin table on agent start/re-start. Simply awesome, is I think, the technically correct term …

msgObj <- { "msgLen": null, "dPID": null, "value": 0, "timestamp": null, "msg": "", "mType": null, "rssi": 0, "vdd": 0, "t": null, "rh": null, "monitorE": null, "Responders": [null,null,null,null] };