Agent not running

I’m using the April board and I successfully blink up, I think, as the green LED flashes for about two minutes then stops. Should I have to blink up on one site and then transition to the web page to log in to the IMP? When I do I find my device under devices and the serial number is present but the main window is blank and with a message that reads there is no agent running. So to clarify, I am not a programmer but have a friend two times zones away also with an IMP who will be writing code for me. But if I cannot even get the agent to run then how will I upload software when he sends it to me? I’m an outsider to this community but want to use the IMP in many applications, you might consider me more of a salesman, don’t know how things work but know there are a multitude of custom applications waiting for development.
Thanks for your input.

Hi, Ed. The agent doesn’t run until it has code to run - your friend will send this to you, presumably. Your imp+device has some code on to begin with, but until (again) you get code from your friend, it’s not going to do very much.

However, you’ve got it ready for this: you have configured the device for your WiFi network using BlinkUp. The green flashing lights and then no light at all shows this to be the case.

Just paste the code he sends you into the relevant panes in the IDE.

OK! Great, then I am doing things right then! Next thing I guess I should be trying to import code on this site to educate me on uploading code and then learning more about programming.
Thanks again, I will be trying to take my first embryonic programming steps by trying to get code into the IMP, a good place of course is the LED blinking program.

You’ve done the BlinkUp, so you should go straight on to Step 2 of our Getting Started Guide. This will take you through the basics of connecting the imp to other devices and using the IDE to write the software that lets the imp do useful things.

If you have any questions about the IDE, you should take a look at our IDE Frequently Asked Questions. If that doesn’t help, come back here and ask away. We also have a full IDE User Guide going live very shortly.

For a more in-depth look at the Squirrel programming language used by the imp, take a look at our Squirrel Programming Guide. The Dev Center also features full reference material for Squirrel language features and, of course, the imp API, which you’ll use to make the imp do what you want it to do.