Agent not running

Hi, I noticed that when the Imp is physically off then the agent status on the top right-hand corner says “not running”; is this normal? I have agent code to record device connect and drop events. If the agent doesn’t run how could it record those device events? Thank you

keep your imp connected

It should stay running, at least for a month after the last imp connect. When did the imp last connect, and is the indication accurate? (ie, if you hit the agent’s URL, is your code running?)

Thanks Hugo, yes the indication was credible. Hitting the URL would produce an error. No hrrp handler. Last connect was an hour ago. However rebooting the imp or to be more accurate powering it on fixed the issue. I may have modified the agent code while imp was off line

There is a known issue with agents not restarting if their imp is not connected after certain maintenance operations, it could have been that possibly. Will be addressed soon.

Probably that’s it; Thanks Hugo. Keeping it powered on appears to have removed the symptom.