Agent not responding - is the server down?

Just setting up an installation and the agents seemed to have stopped responding.

Is the service down?

I really hope not!

Brendan I think they are, though is was my crapy coding :frowning:

Yeah - bit of a bummer - but hey it is in beta!

have 20 guests arriving shortly to look at a demo! :frowning: all seems to have failed at the agent end, I can see that the imp is working correctly.

Nigel ouch just tried and seem to be UP!

Seems to be back up!

We had a rather strange outage - some agents were running fine, and others not. Our automatic alarms didn’t tell us about this, we’re looking into why this didn’t happen.

Thanks for your patience, and if you see anything like this again, please email me :slight_smile:

The agent seems to be sending responses to the device twice?

forget that - just noticed a rogue line in my code