Agent no longer receiving requests

My Imp rebooted itself and according to the log upgraded its OS about 2 hours ago. Since then the URL to my imp no longer works and I get a page not found error. I can upload code OK and outbound messages go out OK. Also I note an output pin is now defaulting to the opposite level on power up (which is how I first noticed something was amiss).

Can someone give me some help with this please, thanks

Actually a ping to fails! Think you have a fairly serious issue, hopefully it gets resolved before my drone crash lands :slight_smile:

Me to on about 3 out 5 Agents.

Looking into it now…

It should be working now; let me know if not. We’ll put together some official words later.

As for the ping, is a load-balancer; it’s not currently configured to respond to pings.

Cool thanks, all is well now. What was the issue?

There was an issue with the DB move which meant that requests with uncached destinations were failing for a period. About 0.4% of messages during that period were affected - but it’d likely hit developers hardest, who tend to create new devices all the time.

In the Server Log My imp lost wifi briefly. It automatically recovered, then there is something about a OS upgrade, it was that point it stopped responding to requests.

Think the OS upgrade bit is likely to be a coincidence. The difference between 27.9 and 27.10 was tiny and in no event does the imp version affect agent HTTP IN operation.