Agent no longer present at reported URL?


One of our Imps has started behaving differently to others in the family in terms of contacting it via its agent.
During startup the agent prints out its URL on the console…

Tue May 21 2013 16:16:48 GMT-0700 (PDT): Agent’s URL is:

However, attempting to communicate with the agent via http yields:

{“code”:“ResourceNotFound”,“message”:"/BOp+actaqslk does not exist"}

The rest of the Imps in our family respond as expected when visiting their reported URL, so this appears to be an error with a particular agent on the server?

Any ideas?


I wonder if that + is causing trouble. It will be urldecoded to a space.
A while ago somebody else reported trouble with an agent url starting with two slashes after the domain (…), which also seems a bit odd.
Wouldn’t it be safer to use only alphanumeric characters in the agent url?

@TheBarrelShifter: there was a bug this morning that was causing some problems with some of the… ‘odd’ agent urls. It should be fixed now - I browsed to your agent and it looks like it’s returning data properly.

@marcboon: This is the result of an old algorithm used to generate agent URLs. We have since changed the algorithm, but there are still some old agents hanging around with +'s and /'s.

We’re currently talking about the best way to change all of the broken URLs with minimal impact to all of you.

Maybe you can add an option in the device setting to generate a new (random) agent URL. This could also be useful in other cases, like when your agent URL is ‘stolen’.

That is definitely something we could look at doing @marcboon! We’ll add this to our potential list of features to discuss :slight_smile: