Agent/Initial State returning errors after today's scheduled maintenance

After today’s scheduled maintenance, I started receiving errors from the agent when attempting to send data Initial State.

2016-10-13 13:04:03 UTC-4 [Agent] ERROR: Error: StatusCode: 410, Message: {“code”:“GoneError”,“message”:“BUCKET_ARCHIVED_OR_DELETED”}

Bucket is still there, everything was working fine up until today, what’s going on?

I suspect you are the one with agent id that starts with “d_”; you are the only user of initialstate that is having issues, so I suspect it actually is your IS account that has an archived/deleted bucket, what ever that is.

Thanks Hugo, yes, I am the one with the agent ID starting with “d_”. I started sending data to a different bucket and it’s working fine now. That being said, I’m going to have a hard time believing that what Electric Imp did today and my bucket getting messed up are not unrelated. The screenshot speaks for itself… I’ve contacted Initial State to clarify why their API seems to think that bucket is archived/deleted. I will update when I get a response.

We don’t have any involvement in your actual requests, though - your agent forms them (via the library code, which you can see in github) and we just execute the request. We execute tens of millions of requests per day.

As we don’t log the contents of any requests, and they’re over https, it’s rather hard to debug further but IS may be able to shed more light.