Agent connection

I’ve got an imp development kit (001 I think) I’m using for a weather station. Today I noticed that it’s connected to the wifi and is sending/receiving data from the cloud but the IDE shows it as offline. Is there a log on the backend that someone has access to that will show why it’s not talking to the agent anymore?

@wvolz Just curious, how do you know it’s sending/receiving data from the cloud?

Wireshark and tcpdump. It’s also asking the router for a dhcp lease every ~10-20 seconds.

Got a mac address? I’m presuming it’s connected (ie you see a green LED) and you’re expecting it to get a lease every 10-20 seconds because you’re sleeping and waking that often?

(though, tbh that’s not likely saving much power - you’d be better off just enabling powersave mode and staying awake)

The imp wasn’t showing a green light but as I said I could see traffic coming from the device in wireshark. I’m wondering if it was a power issue because now it’s working normally again. Standard behavior for this device is to sleep for 50-60 seconds and then wake up. So the every 10 second request for a lease is very odd.

@Hugo, I sent you a message with the MAC address in case the logs show anything.

Sounds like the same thing I experienced with a few of my devices over the last 24 hours.

Huh yes, it actually was exactly the same problem!

Looks like at least some devices for both of your accounts got shunted to our Tokyo region, which isn’t supposed to be having any production/developer load and we did some VPN improvements there yesterday (or maybe today. I’m in Europe right now and timezones are a little fuzzy). I’ve filed a bug to get you moved back and work out how you ended up there in the first place… will post when I know more.

@Hugo thanks!

Most of the devices should be moved back now, we’ll try and tidy the rest next week. Let us know if you see anything untoward…