Agent code

I hope this isn’t a daft question - imp newbie here. I’m trying to work with agents, testing samples in wiki. I’m typing both agent and imp code into same code page in planer. I get a complier error message at device.on() line:-

ERROR: the index ‘device’ does not exist

I assume agent code should go elsewhere but can’t see where. Help appreciated.

You need to be signed up with the beta program to use agents.

Thanks for quick response. I had incorrectly assumed agents to be part of recent version 25 release. I will send email to request inclusion in beta test program.

I applied to for inclusion in the agent closed beta test program, but have not received reply. I would be grateful if someone here can tell me the correct procedure or email address to apply to?

just send beardedinventor or Hugo a PM

Thanks DolfTraanberg, will do.