After green flash, then flashes orange only on imp004 Breakout Board

After Blinkup, I can confirm my imp004 Breakout Board on My Development Devices in impCloud.
But, after green flash, my device flashes orange only.

I use Electric Imp mobile app of iPhone.

  • Device
    imp004m Breakout Board
    impOS Version : ee282aa - release-40.14 - Mon Aug 3 08:56:08 2020 - production
  • impCloud
    UI Version 4.3.0 (818bc4aba)
    API Version b67a2ae47 (v3.66.0)

Are you running any code on the device?

Flashing green (device connected to server) and then flashing orange only (device is not connected and has no WiFi credentials) suggests that the device is being rejected by the server. There are various reasons for this: that it has previously been blessed as a production device, for example, or has been assigned to a Test Production Device Group. We’d need a device ID (you can PM it to keep it private) to check it against our logs.

I’ve done some furtling in the backend. Try it now.

Hi, Roger-san,

Thank you for your support.
I could confirm my device is online on impCloud.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the cause so that I don’t get the s
ame phenomenon when registering other electric imp devices.

You ran into an exceptionally rare race condition that can happen when an imp004 upgrades from release 35.x to a stable release. It’s basically never going to happen again.

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