After Clear Wireless Config, I see greenoffamberoff in stead of amberoffamberoff

After clearing wireless config using blink up I expect to see amberoffamberoff (no wifi settings) but instead I see greenoffamberoff (Offline, BlinkUp enabled). What does this mean? How different is it from amberoffamberoff (no wifi settings)? I suggest to elobarate a bit more on the “blinkup trouble shooting” page.

Does it only blink green once, and then flash amber - or does it consistently flash green amber amber?

In other words… if you look at more than the first three flashes, does it go:

  1. Green Amber Amber Green Amber Amber …
  2. Green Amber Amber Amber Amber Amber …

It blinks, greenoffamberoff repeatedly for about 40secs, and then amberoffamberoff forever

Well spotted @montu17, it should go straight to amber off amber off after the clear. The bug is working it’s way to the top of our list and will be fixed soon.

Does that mean that after clearing the Wifi settings via blinkup, we don’t need to power cycle the imp anymore to get it in a ‘virgin’ state ? I’ve seen the abovementioned behaviour forever, it solves itself immediately by powercycling. I thought that was the intention. Would be great if clearing via BLinkup goes straith to unconfigured state without the power cycle

The state is unconfigured, but the LED indication is wrong.

Note that power cycle will be a different state, though. Clearing config whilst running is just that - the code is running, and IO states may be altered by the code.

When you power cycle with a blank config it’ll spend 10 seconds waiting for a blinkup to start before running the cached code, which may behave differently as it’s started without a valid network config (this depends on your code, not the impOS)