Adding a node seems tough

Adding a node with my own code seems tough. I open the planner, a node is there which i can choose my own code. Then I would like to add another node, but again, my own code. So, I hit “add node” and all that’s there are the pre-chosen codes. Soooo, what is a guy to do?

oh yeah, I am basically trying to do the same thing as the Whiskey Tango Hotel fellow’s trick of sending messages from the imp to a Twitter account.

I am guessing that you have a blue node visible? If so click on the three little sliders in the top right corner of the node, then select the code to run on this node. If you want another node i think you need another IMP or insert your IMP into another devboard.

Yeah, I know how to choose the code in the primary node. I was looking at this example,, and I presumed he had 2 sets of code in two nodes. Maybe not. I will have to look at it again.