._add() meta-method not called for strings

I’ve come across a strange edge-case with this certain meta-method. At first I thought it was a bug with Imp’s implementation of Squirrel, but I got the same results running in Squirrel on my laptop. I’ve made an issue on the Squirrel Github repository describing what I was expecting and what actually happens. Thought some Imp people might want to know about it and participate in discussion with the maintainer if/when they respond.

The author of Squirrel has replied and it looks like this will probably not be changed, although there is ongoing discussion on what a reasonable fix might look like, including comments from the author of a closely-related fork of Squirrel which behaves differently in this situation. @peter you’re one of few I can think that might be interested. The discussion is in the issue linked above, if you want to see what’s up or have your own say.