Adafruit Show and Tell

If you don’t know, Adafruit has has a show and tell on Google+ at 9:30PM Eastern every Saturday night. I am a big Adafruit fan, and will be on tonight showing my “jTherm” project and talking up the Electric Imp, as I would love to see Adafruit develop more Imp related hardware. It would be really cool to see other Imp powered projects on there as well, so go to the Adafruit Google+ page and leave a comment asking to be on the show, and show off your projects.


Cool! Will attempt to tune in :slight_smile:

Just watched your segment - think adafruit might need to look a bit closer at the imp, they seem to think it’s no good for building your applications on :slight_smile:

Thanks for showing off your project and the imp!

I agree, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to go on Show and Tell. Did you watch “Ask the Engineer”? Limor recapped the project and seemed to be pretty impressed with what the Imp could do.

Ah no, missed that. Seems like they’re a bit behind with publishing them once they’re done, too… the last archived episode is from June!

Show and Tell:
Ask an Engineer:

The Imp “is a little bit limited”? Ha! Compared to what?

I think each platform has it’s pro’s and con’s for every situation, but the Imp is certainly not hard to develop for. I’d rather work in a web IDE than have to install one like Arduino. There is no question that the Arduino is a mature platform and a lot of libraries and code has been developed for it, but at the rate the Imp team, and everyone else who contributes is working, it won’t be long before the Imp catches up. I know that I am pulling Arduinos out of projects and replacing them with Imps. It’s so nice to not have to worry about an internet connection. It’s already there. I don’t think it will take much to change Lady Ada’s perception on how powerful the Imp is, or how easy it is to work with. The rest of you need to sign up for Show and Tell, and show off your projects!

Also, when I said the Imp001 was a little limited, I was referring to the SD form factor only allowing 6 GPIO pins, vs the imp002, not that the Imp itself was limited.

See, most people waste I/Os, the imp makes you think carefully about them :wink:

Unless you want to control a nuclear power plant, you can do a lot with the imp. If you are short on GPIO’s you can use IO extenders, SPI or I2C.
Every situation requires it’s own solution, but in my view, the imp is a cheap solution for a lot of situations