Accidentally deleted impee from planner

I just deleted one of my impees from my planner by mistake, looking at the forums I’ll need to go and power cycle then re-flash. The trouble is that it’s remote, and I won’t have access for a while.

Is there any other way to get it back up and running?

If you delete it you just need to power cycle, not re-flash.

Fortuitously, it may have reappeared by now because we rolled a server change out several hours ago and that causes imps to reconnect (which would make it reappear in your planner).

Predicament noted, however. If an imp is still connected but deleted the server should force a remote reboot. Filed a request for this.

I managed to get someone to power cycle, and that fixed it, thanks!

Why is a connected imp deletable in the first place? Shouldn’t it just stay in the planner?


It’s an artifact of how the planner is right now, but it’s useful to clear any related configuration and reset it to default. The next rev of planner is… different :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. No power cycle and re-flash helped so far. Any ideas?

Same here. He’s dead Jim. I have been locked outside my house with my shower on for two days now. Can’t open the door, turn off the alarm, or turn off the shower because they all time out.

:slight_smile: We’ve never seen an ATSHA die of natural causes yet…

I thought one of my impee’s had been deleted, spent ages trying to get it to appear in the planner. I’ve just found it. The node had a -y value on the view so I had to scroll around the planner for it to appear - Doh. (Might be a useful feature if the default view of the planner showed all nodes or had a zoom-out/showAll button?)

I deleted my IMP node in the planner. impee rebooted(switched on/off) however the node does not reappear in planner. No impee listed in the impee list either, whats going on?
IMP in impee is flashing green slowly , seems to work alright.

Anyone any idea whats going on?

Do the blink-up again but first disconnect the Imp (there’s an option in the Android app to delete the connection). Also, try other wifi networks! Let us know how it went!

I cleared the connection via blinkup, depowered, siwtch on again and blinkedup again on the network. green light , yet no new device on the IDE showing up

My active binking sequence is about 6 green slow blinks , then I get a few red blinks and then it goes back to a few green slow blinks. Does that mean anything?

Yes, generally that means your code on the imp is crashing before it gets to its imp.configure() line, hence it won’t reappear on the planner.

Go to the code tab, change your code to just this:

imp.configure(“test”, [], []);

(nothing else), then power it up again. It should appear in the planner… then look at your code and find the bug (and/or move the imp.configure as early as possible in the code!)

Well my imp doesnt even show up on my IDE or planner. I tested another IMP and impee and they connected, so I will setup some code that works and then test back to the no-functional imp from there.