Accessing the imp's 2.4GHz transceiver?

seems like the radio in the imp is currently not accessible from the API(understandably).

I am currently trying to build a little wireless sensor network and I was planning on using 433.92Mhz radios in the sensors, however this means adding a 433.92 Mhz receiver to the imp…So i got to thinking “wouldn’t it be great if the imp somehow made the radio available to an application?” that way i could just use a 2.4GHz transmitter in my sensor(s) and somehow have RX handler functions in the Imp like :

… Well hopefully, you get the idea…I’m not a HW guy but it’s a shame not to have access to that radio for something like this…

Do you guys think this makes sense?

What you want will not be possible with an Imp.

well currently no it’s not possible. but i suspect it’s mainly a matter of the imp designers not allowing access to it. my question is whether it would be considered as a possible feature…

It would be a whole other product and the hardware/firmware design doesn’t allow it.

As others have said, this isn’t possible. The radio is made by Broadcom, who do not expose it at a level below 802.11 - it has a hardware MAC which enforces 802.11 packet semantics and hence is really only useful for, well, talking wifi.