AC Dimmer

I was thinking about making an imp controlled AC reverse phase dimmer using this IC – the Amtel U2102B. I haven’t found anyone else online trying to do anything with it, and I was wondering if this is feasible. I was planning on combining this with a digital potentiometer for control (using the reference design in the documentation). Is there a better IC chip to use, or would this be a good option?

Can’t even see a datasheet for it! Does it actually exist?

You likely don’t need a digital pot if you need a control voltage. If you’re trying to get a control voltage, the easier way to do it is with a PWM and an RC filter; GPIO goes to the R, which then goes to the C. The duty cycle of the PWM will alter the voltage on the capacitor - 50% cycle means Vcap=50% of GPIO voltage.

This works really well with fast PWMs. If what you’re feeding leaks a lot that can effect it but for something slow moving you can just use a big cap :slight_smile:

Here was the datasheet I found on digikey:

Good point about the RC filter with PWM, that will save me have to bother with SPI.