About Hello-World

I received the impExplorer board yesterday at IoT Expo.
After running Blink-up I have confirmed the device is up.
Loaded the LED version of Hello-World and the logging window confirmed it the operation with the following:
|2018-11-29 15:05:13 -08:00|[Status]|Downloading new code; 4.72% program storage used|

However, the LED does not blink.

I found the signal CARD_PIN1 does not change state, and power to the LED is never enabled.
Is the drive at the output of CARD_PIN1 sufficient, or is this something else?

Any suggestions?

Are you talking about the built-in RGB LED … using this code?

That LED is programmed … not like a normal LED.

Or is there some other “hello world” script that I don’t know about?

You won’t see the signal change, as it sends data to the RGB really fast.

Are you using battery or USB power?

imp pin 1 is set high early in the code, allowing power through to the RGB LED. IIRC, the LED is signalled on pin 7.

More details here.

Yes, that is the code I am using, and I am familiar with the serial interface of the RGB LED.
My question has to do with enabling the DC power to the RGB LED.
Current indications suggests the subsystem called POWER GATES in the schematic is not enabled.

I do not see pin 1 set to high. It seams as if it were floating.

This could be a faulty socket in your device; we did see some of these at one time where the socket’s pin1 connection didn’t always make a good connection with the card.

To check this, unplug/replug the card a few times, and if possible try putting a shim (bit of thick paper) on top of the card when it is plugged in. If pin1 then works, you’ve got one of these bad sockets. Let us know and we’ll send you a new kit.