A way to clear the log

I don’t see any way to clear the log.

I’m using the build-cli imp log -l feature to capture logs post hoc. This basically works, but includes logging from times that are no longer relevant, due to changes in my code, among other reasons.

I’d like to be able to capture only the logs from after a particular time. imp log doesn’t offer such an option, so my second choice would be to run a command-line tool to clear the log, so that subsequent use of imp log -l only yields the logging from after that point. I don’t see this feature offered on the IDE, so I may be stuck.

I had thought that a build and run cycle would clear the log, but that appears not to be the case. I suppose a blinkup might do the necessary clearing, but that’s cumbersome for my use case.

Perhaps this functionality is available; if so, I’m too dense to find it and would appreciate any hints you all could offer.

If all else fails, I could implement my own filtering to lop off the irrelevant preamble, but that seems like a clumsy work-around for the lack of what seems like a useful (if infrequently used) feature.


Some changes are coming to the Build API which will make it much easier to do this kind of thing via tools like build-cli