A security camera project

Hello everyone!
First of all i wish everyone to be happy and healthy lives in a New Year!
I stumbled across a wifi doorbell (here) and my wife loved it, but… its kinda pricey, that got me thinking i already made a garage door opener with imp( which is awesome) and no i want to make something like that, just want my wife to be able check live video streaming. I dont want her open door with my kid to strangers while im not home. just wanted to ask if anyone have a good camera in mind and example code. I appreciate your help :wink:

Considering you can buy a WiFi security camera for only $50, I would say your camera project should not be for the imp. If your point is to “see if you can do it”, then the project would have merit. But if it’s to save money and time, just buy the camera.


And also, the camera covers a larger area, such as the entire front of your house. And you can also record to a PC.

Thank you for reply, wife said it was too big (heh), we talked and now i can build one, so challenge accepted( going to start looking for a camera)

Im fairly sure you dont want to stream anything audio/video related via the cloud. if it works at all, its slow and maybe 1 image a second

thank you, you just saved me lots of headache, well that idea failed now im off to look for another project.

Hi the way I’ve done this is to use an IP cam and PIR connected to an imp. When the PIR triggers I read a jpeg snap-shot from the IP cam and store in a database. IP cams have built-in PIR’s but they are very poor and send 100s of false triggers. A bit more detail here security-for-seniors

very interesting, ill look into that, Thank you for the alternative

Another option would be to use an old android smartphone and try “IP Webcam Pro”. There is a trial version and a paid option. All it would need is a charger and be connected to your internal WIFI.

Depending on the phone used and where, this may be too ugly though.

Now that the is a super-cheap version of the raspberry PI (A+), I would use that with is webcam module, you’ll also find lots of ready-made code

i keep seeing raspberry PI everywhere more than arduino, might as well check it out. Thank you gents