A little competition

I would like to suggest a little competition, the idea would that a challenge would be put forward and the first or best entry put forward wins a little prize (mug, t-shirt, million dollars :slight_smile: ).

To enter the code would have to be written in a reusable style, shared and demonstrated with a video.

The goals in the competition would be to create library of code that would be of use to others and too have a little fun!

My ideas for challenges so far :-

An energy efficient button press library that detects a “long press”, “short press”, “press and hold” and “button release” and passes these to the planner

A musical library that when presented with a string of notes in “Ring Tone Transfer Language” plays them by PWMing a piezoelectric transducer

You put up the prize and I’ll enter!
Do you have any projects you want completed? :wink:

I always have projects I’d like to do, I am a bit of an “ideas hamster”.

The idea for the competition are to make the “lego blocks” that’ll make other projects work.

For example I used to program distributed microcontrollers for lighting, there a button library is keys to how a users interacts with it.

The music library idea came from thinking about door access controllers and thinking how they use beeps to communicate with users.

I guess I’m also thinking that by making it a competition people will spend time working on something that get quite niggly when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, so by encapsulating it in a function of whatever , the resulting products that use it get much better.