A crafty way to add a web hook to an IFTTT recipe using email

I saw the other day someone mentioned that it would be great if IFTTT could simply trigger any web hook, so it could directly trigger an Imp.

Well there is a way to do this – it’s a workaround but it does work.

You can use Mailchimp’s http://mandrill.com to set up an email addresswhich it then monitors. When any email arrives at that inbox you can then set Mandrill up to send that email to a web hook as JSON, which of course could be an Imp agent URL, which you could then decode with json_decode.

So, all you need to do is add an email trigger to any IFTTT channel and boom! You’ve just hooked up you’re imp to IFTTT in a hacky workaround!

Hope that helps.


I’ve had success using Wordpress in the (distant) past:

Basically you set this up on a free/cheap PHP server and add it as a wordpress channel in IFTTT.

That said, Mandrill being free for 12k emails per month is pretty sweet.