802.11s Support

Hugo, revisiting this discussion, is there any consideration within Electric Imp for supporting 802.11s Wifi Mesh? It seems to me that imp devices would have an advantage with dealing with one of the most complex aspects of the standard, peer authentication. If imps only peered with imps, a network mesh could be established where only one of those imps would need to be within range of an access point. It also means that the access point wouldn’t necessarily need to support 11s at the get-go. Naturally, I’m not saying that the imps are talking to each other. They would still all need to communicate via Electric Imp’s servers.

If possible at all, I suppose it will limit the Imp capabilities too much, when it has to act as a repeater as well.
Don’t forget, we’re talking about a poststamp sized controller…

Fair point, I guess it’s asking too much for multiple imps to be on simultaneously so as to be able to mesh anyway.

Still no plans for 802.11 meshing I’m afraid. Very cheap long-range APs still exist though :slight_smile: