5v sensor on the april development board ---( AH49ENTR-G1DICT-ND ) Linear Hall effect sensor

If you have a 5v sensor on the April board you will need to supply 5v to your sensor (lol obviously) I put that because the first thing i did with my sensor was try to see if it worked with the april boards 3v out. When you just supply the 5v sensor with what you need the 5v it is ok to put the pin out to your april board it will not fry it or anything it actually works perfectly. I was scared to do this bc I have fryed Arduino boards and just didn’t want to mess up my electric imp. So I’m posting this to help anyone else if they ever come across this problem.

BUT YOU MUST CONNECT ALL GROUNDS - if you have two power sources connect both of the ground.

The datasheet for the AH49ENTR-G1 says that its supply voltage can range from 3V to 6.5V, so it should work fine at 3.3V.

When powered from 5V, it is not safe to connect to an imp: the output voltage may range as high as 4.2V (Vcc-0.8) which is enough to damage the imp.


Wow I feel silly, Thank you Peter…

I tried the sensor again with the 3v and it did works, I must have wired something backwards this was my first time I have ever experimented with SMD parts. (everything is so tiny @-) and I now have the data sheet sitting here next to me printed out instead of just on the computer like I was doing originally.

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I also just found this link IDK why it doesn’t come up in the forum when type in 5v


@ionzenith - the forum software we use has a terrible search :frowning: I actually use google to search the forums:

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site:forums.electricimp.com 5v

Great thanks you Bearded Inventor that is great advice. Do you work at electric imp
I see you all over the forum?

I do!

In fact, I am Electric Imp’s Community Manager, so if you have any questions, etc I am a great person to ask :slight_smile:

Wow great, should I ask in the forum or via email. I actually am trying to get funding for my startup Brush Logger I have spoke a little back and forth with Peter Keyashian about my startup, and even got some info I needed about the ability to scale if needed.

I was at San fernando Vally Startup weekend and one of the mentors there asked me whats your favorite company and before I could spit out apple or something like that something stopped me I just said I don’t know. at the end of the weekend driving home in my car sunday night I realized Electric Imp is my favorite company. You guys are awesome and Hugo from my point of view is such a great leader,just such an inspiration. Keep it up guys and gals, keep it up!

If you would like to get ahold of my

David Espinoza

Either works (email or forums).

Glad to hear you’re such a fan of the technology - if you’re ever in the Bay Area let us know and you can stop by and say hello!

Ok great I look forward to it.