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Hi I seem to be having problem pushing code to my device. I have been using this device for some years now but today it just stopped working.

When I power cycle the device I can see it go offline and back online but would not allow me to push new code.
Any help on how to resolve as this has cost me a few hours in my development time today.


I can see a squirrel error in the logs when that device last connected.

the index ‘ReadingsSettingsComponent’ does not exist: in _initialise device_code:4374

Can you try adding this to the top of your device code to confirm whether code changes are taking effect?

server.log("hello"); return;

Hi phil,
I went for launch break and came back and it is now “downloading” code again. I would be on a lookout as I did not make any change for it to have start working again. I have managed to build and download twice. First as is and second with your “hello” test script and both time it the code runs.


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