4 devices went offline aprox 3.40 am GMT

5 of my granny monitor imps when offline from 3.40 am GMT onwards.
Some of my Agents have no status, some say stopped.
On the running one’s they don’t seem to be responding to agent.send() from device.
But HTTP requests are being handled so looks like my issue is device to agent coms, as device server.log is working.

I’ve added agent.send to a another online imp same issue, device.on not doing out.
Anyone else having issues?

same here, I only have one imp thats actually sending data permanently, it stopped at 4:20 UTC, I can see it in the dev interface and its working fine, but any device.on is not being triggered.

2014-03-13 20:54:22 UTC+1: [Agent] Request for Ticker data failed.
(This never happened before), and this one:
2014-03-13 22:42:55 UTC+1: [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: wifi error
(This also never happened before with this model). I always have this:
2014-03-13 22:42:56 UTC+1: [Device] Signal Strength: -62dBm (5 bars)
between 2014-03-13 22:58:02 UTC+1 and 2014-03-14 09:33:40 UTC+1 no logs
but after rebooting the imp manually at 09:33:40 UTC+1, everything is working again…

Mora thanks let hope “we’re cooking on gas soon” :frowning:

ok, I was too early:
up till now no data between device and open.sense, but data from agent to open.sen.se does arrive…
05:21 last time that open.sen.se received data from my device
Bitcoin exchange tab is 100% agent code (this works)
Sign of Life tab is data generated by my Imp (this doesn’t work)

my agent to device works also, but device to agent does not.
sadly I am not at location to do a hard power cycle.

I can reboot:
Agent is receiving data from device and I get logs
open.sen.se is NOT receiving that data from device

As noted in other threads, this was an outage of imp->agent on the development server. We’ve improved the monitoring so we’ll get paged if this happens again - apologies for the inconvenience.

Hugo thanks for heads up.

As of UTC 4:18 today, the IDE is playing up again. It was working a couple of minutes ago. I can’t build any code until the “debugging hippos” sort the issue out (similar to situation on March 9). This is the 3rd time that development has been hit in the past week. On all 3 occasions, I was actively using the IDE at the time. Since Europe and the Americas should all be in bed, is it something I’m doing perhaps??? I notice that the forum is usually idle at this time, so there can’t be so many in the Asia-Pacific region actively using the system right now.

Now I know I didn’t do anything wrong last night :-/

The IDE’s working fine for me right now.

It is, however, being restarted intermittently. You ought not to notice this too much – because there are several separate instances behind a load balancer – but it could lead to intermittent problems.

It looks like the restarts are due to slightly misconfigured monitoring rules. We’ll investigate this later today.

If you’re still having problems, please feel free to reply to this post.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

After signing in again, I’m able to use the IDE. However, the changes I made after the last successful build are lost. Fortunately, I’m wary of this now and copy’n’paste the code out of the IDE whenever I see error messages. It seems that my session is killed when I hit this error message. Is it also possible to mark the browser page as “dirty” if code changes have been made, yet have not yet been successfully committed to the server?

OK. There are a few things going on here, which I’ll address separately.

First, as you’re editing your code, it’s saved as a draft on the server (in a persistent cache, so it should survive an IDE restart). I think that this is intended to be persisted across sessions.

I believe that we’re currently working on cases where it’s not correctly persisted, or when it’s overwritten due to a restart. I’ll check.

Second, if you’ve made a successful build, your code is saved into the database. We’re currently working on being able to retrieve and revert to a previous version, which will allow you to get this back, even if your draft is discarded. I can’t give you a firm ETA on this, unfortunately.

Guys, that has become a major issue.
I am now getting 4,5 or 6 “debugging hippo’s” messages in a row, primarily what I am trying to do is “Check” to save my changes, now and then a Build.

When eventually I give up and try a browser refresh, it goes back to the logon screen
After logging in ALL code changes made since the last Check or Build are gone…

And this sequence happens over a spread of 2 minutes or sometimes more…